Berlin Handpan Akademie Neukoln, Berlin, Germany (Link)

14.12.2018, 18-21h

Hosted by Mayiia and Berlin Handpan Akademie

How to sing/improvise during handpan playing?
This workshop mainly constists of breathing and vocal techniques as well as an introduction in vocal improvisation while playing handpan. 
The workshop is lead by Jazzsinger and Handpanplayer Mayiia.
During the last years, she has been experimentating with different sounds and musical elements, using the handpan as an harmonious accompaniment, when singing with the voice.
Mayiia offers tips and tricks she collected through the years.

This workshop is geared towards beginners as well as advanced people. 

Part 1. Vocal technique
breathing methodes & breath flow
vocal exercises for a full natural voice

Part 2. Handpan & vocal improvisation skills
major & minor – singing to handpan
percussive & melodic variations in voice improvisation with the group

Workshop costs: 44 Euros
To book a spot, please send an email with subject: 
„Workshop Berlin“