Datum: 20.01.2019
Uhrzeit: 20:30 – 22:00
Einlass: 20:15

Ort: PAN LAB Vienna
Floridusgasse 24, 1210 Wien

Preis: 25€ (limited spots)

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We will stay toghether in the DEEP LISTENING of the melodies of the Handpans with his harmonic sounds that come from every direction. Davide will integrate the shamanic drum and other harmonic instruments in acconpagnation to the handpans. A magical experience where we will explore relaxation, PRESENCE and closeness to the HEART.


We will simply sit on the cushions, those who want to close their eyes or relax … possibly dance with their hands or with the whole body.

For the application and payment paypal davidefriello@gmail.com



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In addition to the Concerts activity Davide performs in Spas, during meetings of Yoga, dance, meditation, massage, rituals and holistic disciplines in general.

He collaborated with Asmana, the largest wellness center in Italy, where he helps customer relax in the Gold Room and with AlpenPalace, a resort with a Spa in Sudtirol, that has won several World Awards for best in the Wellness sector. He collaborated with Jacopo Jogendra Ceccarelli, inventor of the Anukalana Yoga method. Together with Giulia Lucarelli, he leads the „Yoga in Music“ project, a sensory and Yoga path accompanied by a sound massage. This experience was presented in various festivals and Yoga centers also to children. He performs, among others, at the Bhakti Festival 2016 and 2018 in Villa Vrindavana and at Fontallorso, during the national meeting of Siaf Italia, a professional association of holistic operators. He has performed at several meetings with Diego Manzi, philosopher, writer, researcher and professor of Sanskrit, philosophies, religions and mythologies of India. He regularly conducts Sound Massage sessions and Meditation concerts.