Romagna Handpan Gathering ( Christmas Edition ) by Blesspan (IT)

Zeit: 10.12.2017
Ort: Grotta Rossa, Via della Lontra, 40 Rimini, 47923 Rimini, Italien

Ankündigung(Google Translate):
„We have come to the new Romagna Handpan Gathering Christmas Edition 2017 by Blesspan 😉 This time will be even more „rich“ !!! We will have the opportunity to meet in a well-known place in Rimini and its surroundings, the „Grotta Rossa“, a large self-managed place where you will not miss a bar and kitchen service … to have lunch and dinner together! there will be a small and intimate stage on which some of our friends / musicians will play in a real concert … alternating with improvisations of anyone who wants to play and perform … There will be several updates on this page / event in which will inform you about all the activities we are organizing, workshops, concerts, and more! As usual, Gathering is open to ALL none excluded! We are waiting for you to pass a beautiful Sunday with the Music, but above all the AMICISM !!!! 😉 NB: Anyone who has made suggestions about it writes privately to me! and now ….. SHARE ABBOMBLE !!!!!! Good Harmonics ♥ Tommy“