For more than 30 years now West African and Afro Cuban rhythms and instruments as well have been with me and have been my guides throughout my musical career. (You will find a list of bands I worked with at the end of this section.) It is the djembe which will always have a special part in my heart and in my life. But since I found the handpan about eight years ago, I have been addicted to this fascinating inspiring instrument.

It was in 2016 when I finally decided to focuse my professional work on the handpans – after some crisises, several lessons in harmony and after a long period of practicing finger techniques. The handpan creates an appropriate musical setting for corporate festivities, art events and ceremonies like baptism, wedding or memorial services. In this way I enjoyed some really great performances. A small solo tour proved the popularity of the handpan.

In spring 2017 I started with my second solo programme: „Auf den Flügelschwingen des Klanges“ / on the wings of sound. Although the focus lies on compositions, enough space is left for improvisation and sound experiments. Hence I use ten different handpans, two gongs, a waterphone and other sound instruments. Inspired by success I continued working on my music, always searching for new experiences.

Collaborations with dear colleagues and friends ensued. In particular, I would like to thank Tobias Götz, Tobias Pawlick, Andreas Loh and Alfredo Hechavarria for an unforgettable time on stage. The intense cooperation with Sybille Fritz, Dirk Rumig, Christoph Lewandowski and Joe Krieg led to the prouduction of my CD „under water – above skies“ which I intended to do alone first. I think, in the end it was Sybille´s impressive cello playing, that made me change my mind. Thank you all so much for your support and those wonderful unique experiences. And many thanks to Sven Peks – a creative driving force in the process of recording but.

The result was even more than satisfying, the CD is ready mixed and I am really happy. This album presents my solos “Monday Morning” and “Growing Up” and three other pieces performed by Bodenstation, exclusively handpans and guitar „New Beginning“, „Schmidtstock“ and „Under Water“. “Tao”, „Ayasha“ und „Obatala“ focus on the combination of handpan and cello with some queer sound effects, all to be heard live as well. A special highlight is the performance of two pieces of P.E.G.-World – in the original line-up: “Gute Reise” and “Kleiner rosa Straßenfeger”. „Night of Poetry“ is rounded up by the soft and bright sounds of flugelhorn and bass clarinet. I love all of them.

Now my ambition is to play live with all the artists participating in the project: in 2019 / 2020 as a large ensemble.

It is unbelievable what occurred in the last two years, that thrills me. Last, but not least, I feel very strongly about another part of my life: musical teaching. I am proud of 35 years of continual educating in percussion, giving lessons in classes but also private lessons. Taking into account the different needs of people, I am used to approach semi-/professional percussionists different than amateurs or people with handicaps. In further training courses for curative teachers I am applying a specific concept.

I am very concerned about the different aspects of rhythm, coordination, independance, sound generating, improvisation and personal development while playing this unique instrument. My handpan teaching programme extends from a 2 hours introductory course to a complete weekend seminar.You are already a self-confessed handpan enthusiast? You are interested in learning more about? I will be happy to provide you with more information, just contact me.
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