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Next Gig:

St Vincent’s Chapel, Edinburgh on Saturday 16th December 2017 at 7:30pm.


Milly’s Instrumente:

aciel und panstream (chromatic set)
C sharp Dorian (amara +3)
E phrygian (Akebono +2)
D minor variation

My Discovery of the Hang

„I fell in love with the Panart Hang in 2008 when a very lovely chap came to lodge with me for a few weeks.  I couldn’t believe the beauty of this instrument which looked like a space ship and sounded like a harp! I immediately knew it was the instrument for me but learning of the difficult journey to attain a Hang I didn’t imagine that I could ever own one.

A few years later I discovered that a number of people around the world had begun to make  similar instruments, having been so inspired by the Hang. My journey led me to meet many wonderful pan players and makers from around the world…“