„Once heard, it can not be forgotten; the overtone-rich and spherical sound of a Hang / Handpan.”
Offering Hang / Handpan lessons for beginners and advanced students. As a professional musician and an experienced drummer, I hold the tools which can broaden the student’s range of musical possibilities. I am happy to share my knowledge of these unique instruments.

Handpan & Rav Vast Drum Lessons with
Moritz Labschütz / Wien (AT)

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-Home teaching possible after arrangement.
-Details and prices on request.
Moritz Labschütz is a multi-instrumentalist. He graduated as a Jazz Drummer at the Gustav Mahler Conservatory of Vienna. After his studies he went to perform numerous concerts at home and abroad. During this journey he got introduced to various musical genres. The unique sound of the “Hang” instrument further lead him to the “Handpan” and the “Tongue Drum” instruments with which he has been giving concerts in a number of musical projects since 2017.

Moritz Labschütz
Tel: +43699/11332094