Das Datum wurde fixiert: 8 und 9.5.2020

Mehr Infos und Tickets (bald) hier: http://www.handpanfestival.de

Auszug aus dem Newsletter:

The village will consist of a main stage where people can talk, drink, dance and laugh. Electronic handpan fusion will be in focus here – with DJs, looping or even whole bands can play here, providing that handpan is central to the music.In a seperate part of the building, there will be several tents, big enough to hold several people. It is in those tents, where handpan artists will hold workshops and concerts in an intimate atmosphere.We will invite makers and artists to partake in the village, creating a buzzing hive of creative energy, centered around the UFO-shaped piano wok, we all call handpan.

If you share our vision, we would be glad to invite you to be part of the third Handpan Festival Berlin: The Village.Namaste