My name is Fabian Küpper.
(Artist name: Handpan Mystic Flow)
My fascination is music.

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Music lives in the moment, it tells stories and opens the hidden worlds of our soul. Music is feeling. It expresses what words can’t do. Music is resonance, a connection from heart to heart. Music can teach us how to let our life flow. As music can outstrip the time, so we can as well.


I am a professional Handpan musician and multi-instrumentalist from Germany.

In my recordings I want to express ancient mystic soundscapes with original compositions, intelligent rhythms, dynamic melodies, archaic feelings, a meditative as well as an extatic flow and of course modern influences. I perform in concerts, on the streets, on weddings, birthdays, art galleries, craft markets, in sauna and spa, opening ceremonies, yoga studios, retreats and more. My usual live setup is Handpan, Didgeridoo, Cajon and bell tied, which I play simultaneously. At the moment for recordings I use three Handpans. For many years the jazz piano was my main instrument. But also the Djembe and the Didgeridoo play a big part in my life since childhood. I love to improvise, i love to groove but composition and arrangement as well. In my recordings I am aiming to establish a meditative mystic sound with the combination of Handpan, Didgeridoo, Djembe, Frame Drum, Darbuka, different rattels, chimes, ancient style flutes, Gongs, Voice, Cello etc… Stay tuned because there are fascinating new tracks to come.