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“ If you have the courage to dive deeply into your inner self, you will love this music and the mellow sound of this instrument! Close your eyes and open your heart…“

My offers:

  • Handpan Classes (+ Trial Lessons)
  • Handpan-Concerts
  • Soundjourneys + meditative Concerts, Sound-Yoga and Voice Workshops
  • Soundmassage on the Soundbed
  • Hang CD „Samadhi“ ( order online at info@danielasuko.com )

Samadhi is the title of my first Hang-CD and means immersion. The soft and mellow sounds of the Hang touch the hearts of humans of all ages in the whole world.

With my soloproject „MellowRhythm“ I am performing since 2010 nationally and internationally in versatile settings: from festivals, circus shows, dance-and theatre productions to churches, street-performances, museums, art exhibitions and as a music clown in hospitals, nursing homes and refugee camps – as well as in various combinations with other musicians.

May the sounds of the handpans unfold its impact
and bring peace into the hearts of those who are longing for it…

Soundcloud-Link: https://soundcloud.com/mellowrhythm