Aus der Aussendung vom 2.7.2020:


Greetings Handpan Friends,

The Healing Handpan Alliance is excited to announce partnership in a new album release from Sonic Stillness (John Hand, founding member of the Alliance). With this release we are raffling TWO handpan instruments in collaboration with Streams of Sound, a non-profit in Florida that pays handpan players to perform in schools, hospitals, and wellness and rehab facilities. 

One of the instruments to be raffled is a Spirit Handpan D Celtic Minor and the other is a stainless steel E Equinox by Axiom Instruments. Both handpans will ship to their respective winners in a case provided by Namana Bags. 

By reserving your copy of the physical CD you’ll be supporting the Healing Handpan Alliance, handpan makers, Streams of Sound, and other players in the community, and you’ll be supporting a good cause. Each raffle ticket will count as TWO chances to win a beautiful new handpan!

All of the details about the album release and raffle are available here:

Feel free to forward this message to anyone who might enjoy the album or would like to own one of these brand new handpans. Thank you for your support! 

Healing Handpan Alliance