1.Juli 2018, 18-21:00

Bewusst Sein im Fokus – Seminarzentrum
Neubaugasse 44/Stiege 2/Tür 12
(Eingang im Hof, 2. Stock), 1070 Wien


Hosted by Shamanka and Christian Amín Vàrkonyi – Music of the Sun

:: A Journey into Inner Universes ::

~ guided Ceremony, sacred Cacau with Cá iyari
~ live music & sound healing with Christian Amín Vàrkonyi

We welcome you to an inner journey where the medicine of cacao invites us to explore the path of the Earth and it´s medicines.
Cacao, the „fruit of the gods“, has been used by various cultures throughout central and south america to pray, celebrate and remember. With unique medicinal and energetic properties, this medicine guides us through the path of the heart, essence and truth.
This ceremony will be guided with the healing frequencies of different instruments used in various parts of the Earth. Through the hands of beloved musician Amín, we surrender to a journey through our inner universes, where the memory of our heart and our purpose come to surface and bring clarity and inspiration to our paths.

~ In circle we meet, pray, sing, celebrate, remember ~

:: WHEN // WHERE ::
July 1st // 6-9pm

at Bewusst Sein im Fokus – Seminarzentrum
Neubaugasse 44/Stiege 2/Tür 12 
(Eingang im Hof, 2. Stock), 1070 Wien

:: BRING ::
* yoga mat, pillow, blanket and all you need to be cosy
* a scarf or something to cover your eyes


This event has limited places, please make your inscription at Whatsapp: +4369911555999
Email: amin.varkonyi@gmail.com

€ 25 until June 29.
€ 30 after June 29.
Bring a friend to receive 10% discount.

:: ABOUT US ::

Christian Amín Vàrkonyi:
Sound Traveler & Musician, founder of Heartbeat Music, pointing to the heart as the source of expression, and Music of the Sun, standing for happiness, warmth and collaboration. 
Plays a wide range of Instruments, sings native prayers & writes original songs of awareness. 
Researching therapeutic aspects of sound and music with Crystal Bowls, Monochord, Gong, Hang, Handpan, Guitar, Charango, Flutes and his voice devoted to pray and overtone singing. His main instrument is merely the Hang & Handpan which he plays since 13 years with background of Afro-Cuban and Brazilian rhythms taught by his father. 
Has released a variety of healing music CDs as well as World Music projects covering a wide range of creative expression. 
The harmonic door of overtones and its invitation to a world of inner peace is of great influence to his music. As well are extended journeys to different cultures, teachers and indigenous people.

Cá iyari: 
Guardian and creator of Shamanka, a project of reconnection of the being through the medicine of plants, the wisdom of the first nations and the memory of Orenda: the spiritual force that inhabits all living being.
For 5 years, Cá studied the medicine of Cacao in Mexico, Guatemala and Belize with different masters and communities, where she learned to prepare and pray this medicine in different ancestral ways.
Cacao Ceremonies ~ Deep Ecology ~ Herbalism ~ Therapies

Whatsapp: +4369911555999
Email: amin.varkonyi@gmail.com


Musik von Christian Amín Vàrkonyi