Der Onlinekurs von David Charrier wurde von Betrügern gestohlen und es wird derzeit versucht diese Raubkopien als DVDs zu verkaufen.

Wir bitten darum, diese Diebe nicht zu unterstützen, sondern den Original-Kurs bei Interesse online auf zu beziehen.

Message from David Charrier:
„Hello everyone,
We recently discovered that translated versions of several of our handpan courses are being sold on a site other than
Despite the apparent suggestion that these courses are being offered in partnership with us, this is not the case. We are formally opposed to this venture and our videos are being used without our permission and outside of any partnership with us. Our content has been stolen, translated and sold illegally.
Our handpan courses are for sale exclusively on our website, and are only available in English and French.
We are disappointed by this theft but are at peace. If you want to support us, please do not share or promote courses of ours that are being sold illegally. Here at MasterTheHandpan, the best thing we can do is carry on with our mission which is to help our handpan community grow and enjoy playing, creating and listening to handpan music.
Thank you for your attention and your goodwill. Take care.“