Handpan for Beginners

Nov. 6 – Dec. 6
4 weeks, 10 bi-weekly classes, 2 hours per class.
Investment – €350
(€320 for early bird registration by October 20th)

The course covers:

Preparing to play: breath, posture, economy of movement, Qi Gong for hands. Inspiration (letting the Muses in)

The touch(es) – various techniques for getting the sounds and textures out of the instrument.

Anatomie of the Handpan – The timbres and textures available and how to combine them

Beginner Patterns – the joys of 3/4 and 4/4

Eye first: approaching the instrument as a symmetrical canvas

Ear first – playing what you hear, vocalizing what you play.

The grid – introduction to rhythm and the Konokol counting system

Rhythmic phrasings: 3-3-2; 2-3-3; 3-2-3

Play vs practice – building your unique practice warm up structure

Creating variations: Say it, say it again, say it better

Crescendos, accents, double- ups and suspensions

Playing with sound – harmonics, vibratos and modulations

Creating a compositional structure

The course will conclude with a Showcase evening

Course dates: Nov.6th – Dec.6th
Modality 1:
Tuesdays & Thursdays:
14:00 – 16:00

Modality 2:
Tuesdays and Thursdays
18:00 – 20:00

*There are 10, 2 hour lessons in total. Combining both modalities is possible as the same lesson is taught both in the afternoon and evening. Each modality is limited to 8 students to ensure everyone an instrument and individual attention. Introduction to Handpan is suitable for students on all levels of musicality. The only requirement is your openness, curiosity and spirit of play.

Investment for the 4 week/10 class course: €350
Please enroll sooner rather then later to ensure your spot.

Berlin Handpan Akademie is generously supported by Taopan Handpan , Pandakini, Shellopan, Innersound Handpan, Luna Soundsculptures and Flowpan by Karumi Steel as well as Walkstool.

The Handpans provided will sound in compatible tunings allowing for a pleasant and harmonious learning field. Most instruments will be available for sale for the students at the completion of the course.

For enrollment information or further enquiries please send a message or email: or a pm to

*Berlin Handpan Akademie is facilitated by Zhenya Topov, a Handpan player and world music percussionist, composer for dance and theatre and physical theatre practitioner and pedagogue. A graduate of American Academy of Dramatic Arts (NY); Sonic Arts Program of Victoria University (Wellington, NZ) and Helikos- International School for Theatre Creation (Florence, Italy).

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photography by Anna Dab