Datum: 18.01.2018
Uhrzeit: 18:30-21:30

Ort: The Vienna Academy of Visionary Art – VAVA
Döblergasse 2, 1070 Wien

Preis: 15€

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We invite you to a magical journey full of live soundwaves and performance art.

Davide Friello (Handpan), Vian Oussi (Guitarist), Sebastian David Hornstein (Soundengineering, Backround Sounds & Effects), Christopher Kropat (Video & Photography), Sabine Sonnenschein, Rainer FriedLicht & Friends, (Dancers & Performance)

Discover Vian Oussi, the Kurdish, Syrian guitarist, Expressing the journey of his yet young life through his improvisational music. In a smooth mix of flamenco, gipsy, spiritual and classical music he shows deep unerstanding and compassion for high vibration. www.vianoussi.com

– Davide Friello –
International touring Handpan musician, percussionist, performer and traveller. He has an emotional and instinctive connection to the music. Friello’s music reaches its peak when performed live and that’s where it explodes in all its strengh and softness.
more info: www.davidefriello.com/bio

The musical multi-talent (Multiinstrumentalist, Producer, Sound Engineer, Singer, Songwriter, Soundscape Designer and Soundhealer) Sebastian David Hornstein will join us with his beautiful Soundscapes and Guitar-Effects to create additional atmosphere during Vian Ouss´s solo performance.